Best 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blades

My review on the best 7-1/4 circular saw blade began several months ago after most of my clients increasingly wanted to know about the right saw blades for their machines. Being an expert, I decided to research on the different blades on the market and even tried using others on my different machines for the first-hand experience.

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So, with several types of 7-1/4 circular saw blades available, how do you go about choosing the right one for your job?

First off, know the material you want to cut, check the size of your machine’s bore, and understand your machine’s capability. Go into the blade span and type (category), then compare the specifications with your saw’s capacity.

If you happen to settle for the 7-1/4 circular saw blades, my best saw blade picks will help save you time and money to come up with the right choices for your job.


MK Morse CSM72560NAC Metal Devil Circular Saw Blade

For several years now, Metal Devil has been a darling to those looking for circular blades for safer and cleaner cuts.

With the MK Morse CSM72560NAC, they have managed to earn a spot as one of the best 7-1/4 circular saw blades available. This blade is largely made from aluminum, giving it the privilege of worldwide usage.

It has been characterized by durability and premium cutting performance since users will be able to achieve a smooth cut of aluminum material without burrs or shredded surfaces.

I was able to cut through aluminum shapes accurately without having to worry about burns and hot sparks. The blade also ensures you cut through aluminum without having to worry about premature fragmenting of teeth.


  • Lasts long
  • Rust resistant
  • High performance


  • The packaging comes with one blade
  • Can break easily under too much pressure
  • Some blades broke during shipping


Hitachi 18008 4-Teeth Polycrystalline Diamond 7-1/4-Inch Dry Cutting Fiber Cement Saw Blade

Speak of the industry’s top fiber cement blades, the Hitachi 18008 makes it to the list.

Although I didn’t have firsthand experience with this blade, all my colleagues have recommended it above all other cement blades.

Made from polycrystalline diamond technology, the teeth are strong to ensure you of a long cutting life compared to other blades.

This blade is widely used for crosscutting, ripping as well as mitering in fiber-cement boards and siding.


  • High performance
  • Highly durable
  • Reduced vibrations compared to other blades


  • Limited warranty
  • Dulls up rather quickly
  • Poor performance when used on heave duty cement


Evolution Power Tools 185BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade, 7-1/4-Inch x 40-Tooth

Speaking of the best steel cutting saws, Evolution Power Tools 185BLADEST can never go unmentioned.

This blade makes good use of the dry cut technology, hence you should never worry about burrs and heat buildup. Having been made from high-grade carbide, the blade is very strong and suitable for heavy-duty work.

Made from high-quality brazing techniques, the blade is so hard and able to resist any type of corrosion. It also operated at a very high speed, making it possible to achieve fast and accurate cuts.


  • Great for heavy-duty projects
  • It offers smooth and clean cuts


  • The tooth should be managed properly to avoid chipping
  • A few cases of rusting


SKIL 75312 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack

If you need those smooth crosscuts for your woodworking projects, you really need one of the industry’s best and quality fine finish saw blades like SKIL 75312 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade.

SKIL 75312 combo pack comes with 18 tooth crosscutting and ripping blade along with the spectacular 40 teeth finishing blade, both making the pack suitable for general purpose cutting and for smoother cuts.

With the carbide blade, you’re assured of high performance, fast cuts, and durability, which makes it ideal for treated lumber and hardwood. You are also able to achieve great value for your money with the expansions slots that will ensure the blade runs straight.


  • The tungsten carbide teeth last longer typical steel blades
  • Ideal for fast and smooth cuts


  • Rusts easily
  • Some have had issues with the sharpness of the carbide tips


Freud D0760X Diablo Ultra Finish Saw Blade

I finally had a chance to try out this saw blade after a friend recommended it to me several months ago. For sure, if you need to achieve the finest crosscut finishes on materials like veneer plywood, oak, and other hardwoods, Freud D0760X Diablo is indeed one of the industry’s finest solutions.

It features an ultra-thin kerf for fast, clean, easy cutting and high performance. The Laser Cut steel blade makes it possible to achieve smoother cuts with an impeccable flatness.

Through the anti-vibration technology, you’ll be able to achieve high levels of accuracy and reduced noise. You also don’t have to worry about heat buildup and friction, thanks to the perma-shield non-stick coating.


  • Additional raker teeth improves performance
  • Safer to use, thanks to the anti-vibration technology


  • Limited warranty
  • Some questioned the blade’s design


DEWALT DW3196 7-1/4-Inch 60T Precision Finishing Saw Blade

Nothing defines the best woodwork saw blade like a blade capable of handling the two most common types of cuts: crosscuts and rips.

The DEWALT DW3196 is indeed a great blade on Dewalt’s lists of revolutionary blades. Through this blade, you’re certain of having an exceptional blade control, accurate cuts, high performance and durability, which are ideal for all types of woodworking projects.

The blade features a thin kerf for achieving fast and premium results for smooth cutting tasks. Made from a tougher formulation of tungsten carbide, you’re assured of durability and high performance.

The ribbed heat vent and anti-stick coating features reduces heat buildup and friction, which together improves its strength and durability.


  • High durability thanks to the tungsten carbide teeth
  • Anti-vibration technology makes it easy to use the blades


  • Susceptible to rusting
  • DeWalt doesn’t offer a protection package for NUDE blades


Freud D0724A Diablo 7-1/4-Inch 24 Tooth ATB Framing Saw Blade

You can never fail to mention Freud saw blades when talking about the different saw blades in the industry today. For several years now, Freud has been very innovative in the production of saw blades.

Featuring an ultra-thin laser cut kerf and strong micrograin titanium carbide, you’re able to achieve clean and smooth cuts in several woodworking projects. This has made this blade ideal for most construction works thanks to the great results achieved on plywood, treated lumber, rough framing lumber, and others.

Rusting and corrosion being a major concern for most blades, Freud D0724A comes with a non-stick perm-shield coating. The anti-vibration technology is an added advantage here.


  • Cuts faster across most woods
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Freud’s limited warranty has always been a concern
  • Some customers have had issues with rough edges after cuts


Concord Blades ACB0725T080HP 7-1/4-Inch 80 Teeth 

Concord blades have been known to be suitable for professional works for many years. Their special carbide and high-grade titanium designs are widely known for smooth cuttings.

The Concord Blades ACB0725T080HP is therefore ideal for cutting non-ferrous metal (like aluminum, copper, brass, bronze) as well as PVC, plexiglass, plastics, fiberglass, and acrylics.

With the Triple Chip Grind (TCG), thin kerf and the hard titanium carbide features, you’ll be able to achieve the smoothest cut on the non-ferrous material.


  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for cutting non-ferrous material
  • Well designed for smooth cuts


  • High vibration frequencies when used on some machines

With this comprehensive list of the 7-1/4 circular saw blades, you’ll be able to accomplish all your cutting projects in the best way possible.

9.5 Total Score
Our Pick: DEWALT DW3196

The DEWALT DW3196 is indeed a great blade on Dewalts lists of revolutionary blades. Through this blade, you’re certain of having an exceptional blade control, accurate cuts, high performance and durability, which are ideal for all types of woodworking projects.

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