The 6 Best Disc Sanders

Disc sanders are power tools used to smooth and grind surfaces through abrasion with sandpaper. The sandpaper is attached to a rotating disk (disc) that allows you to do accurate sanding and edge-work while the belt allows you to quickly smooth out (level) large, flat surfaces.

Basically, the principle behind its engineering is that the belt will drive sandpaper at a high speed to make the sanding efficient. Disc sanders can be sturdy and stationary, or lightweight and mobile.

The versatility, accuracy, power, and the numerous uses of this type of power tool helps you create some of the finest finishes possible.

WEN 6502 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander

If you’re looking for a disc/belt sander that is versatile, strong and reliable, then the WEN 6502 is what you need to go for.

WEN 6502 is one of the industry’s best power tools thanks to its ability to achieve smooth finishes and complete sanding quickly and easily.

One unique thing about WEN 6502 is the fact that it’s a two-in-one machine, a belt disc sander. Its disc is very reliable while the belt remains so flexible that it can be tilted from 0 – 90 degrees. It’s has gained a great reputation for its versatility.

This two-in-one tool has nice and strong design with great features for outstanding performance. It’s all-metal construction and cast-iron body makes it sturdy and reliable for all types of projects. It’s so stable that it doesn’t shift or vibrate when operating.

Featuring a 4.3 Amp and motorable to generate a speed of up to 3600 RPM, WEN 6502 has enough power to do to handle all types of sanding projects without bogging down on heavy duties. Users also enjoy the ease and convenience of switching and replacing sandpaper grits since changing the large 4-inch –by-36-inch belt is a breeze.

On adjustability, the belt can tilt anywhere from 0 – 90 degrees to meet all your needs for the finest finishes. It also comes with a 6-inch side disc, which is able to smoothen a large area.

WEN 6502’s packaging also includes an 80-grit sanding belt, an 80-grit sanding disc, a stop-bar for safety and control, a miter-gauge for steady sanding on angled edges, and a 2.25-inch dust-port to attach a dust extractor.


  • Versatile: both a belt disc sander and a disc sander
  • Powerful motor able to produce 2700 FPM for the belt and 3450 for the disc
  • Excellent value for your money


  • Its horsepower is low, making it unsuitable for a large piece of material
  • Most users have insisted that the belt and disc units need to be guarded conveniently, to make it easy to use one when the other is not in use
  • You need a guard to protect your fingers

Bosch 3727DEVS Corded Disc Sander

Bosch has been one of the most renowned brands among carpenters, woodworkers, and furniture re-finishers, thanks to many years of producing tools that meet made demands.

This has made them home to powerful industrial tools offering a great performance in every project they’re meant for.

In that vein, Bosch 3727DEVS has managed to worm its way into the hearts of many woodworkers as one of the best disc sanders.

Being a random orbital sander has made it the perfect tool for getting new molding ready for installation, stripping furniture and doing different jobs where strong sanders are necessary.

Bosch 3727DEVS features a 3.3 Amp motor that can achieve a speed of 4500 to 12000 RPM. This gives the disc sander enough power to be used on different types of surface (wood, plastic, steel, metal), all depending on the quality sanding paper you need for the job.

Its enhanced random orbital functionality ensures you have a clean, swirl-free finishing.

Its die-cast aluminum casing offers assures of a sturdy and durable tool able to withstand different environments.

Another amazing feature on the 3727DEVS is its micro-filter dust system that traps dust particle of all sizes, making sanding tidy. It’s able to trap dust particles as tiny as 1/2 micron in diameter.

Its packaging includes a soft backing pad, pad wrench, microfilter dust canister, removable front handle, and a sanding disc.


  • The random orbital action assures you of accuracy in sanding
  • High adjustable speed ranging from 4500 – 12000 RPM
  • A great dust collection system


  • 1-year warranty is so limited
  • It’s corded
  • Some users have complained about high vibrations

DEWALT DWE6401DS Corded Disc Sander

Through my experience with power tools, you can never talk about the industry’s best tool without mentioning one from DEWALT. This company seems to be managing the competition in its line of business.

Speaking of the best-corded disc sander, DeWalt DWE6401DS managed to make it on our list thanks to the company’s proactive nature and interest in innovations.

DeWalt DWE6401DS is well designed for different sanding applications and paint removal.

Its high performance 6 Amp motor provide a speed of up to 3700 RPM allowing you to work easily and quickly work on medium and larger surfaces.

With the introduction of DWE6401DS, DEWALT is today considered a high-end quality brand in the manufacture Random-Orbit Sanders.

It has a sophisticated design that is relatively compact and a mid-handle with a soft grip for better control and relief from fatigue. It also comes with a dust shroud to be connected to the vacuum for a better dust collection system.


  • Features VSR trigger dial to make it suitable for different sanding applications
  • 6 Amp motor is powerful enough for high performance
  • The dust shroud assures you of a functional dust collection system


  • Difficult to operate
  • Meant for aggressive stock removal only
  • Not suitable for delicate tasks

Makita GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander

After DeWalt, Makita is another brand that is widely known for its manufacture high-performance power tools.

The Makita GV5010 is another innovative handheld power tool for sanding and grinding different surfaces.

It is powered by the Makita-built 4.2 Amp motor capable of delivering a speed of 4500 RPM for fast and efficient sanding.

The GV5010 is among the industry’s best disc sanders with its ergonomic design that allows for easy and comfortable work with great results. It is a lightweight device (weighing 2.6 lbs).

With the ball-and-need bearing construction, you’re assured of a durable tool. It has a soft ergonomic grip for reliable handling when sanding that will increases the ease of operation.


  • Highly recommended for precise work
  • Compact and lightweight, making it the best handheld disc sander
  • A durable construction


  • Doesn’t have variable velocities
  • Its 80-grit is not recommended for smooth finishes
  • Users have complained about the tool generating too much heat

Hitachi SP18VA(H) 11-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Disc Sander

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly disc sander with a high-performance, then Hitachi SP18VA is the right tool to go for.

Hitachi SP18VA is powered by an 11 Amp motor providing enough power to work on metallic and wooden surfaces.

It is comfortable and ergonomic since it features a soft grip handle covered with elastomer and rubber that offers additional maneuverability and reduces fatigue during sanding.

It boasts an incredible positioning that helps you achieve the best balance. It comes with a spindle lock for safety, and double insulation and tail cover assuring you of longevity.

The iron ball bearings and heat resistant bearing chambers also assure you of durability.


  • Durable
  • Versatile, suitable for different surfaces
  • Comfortable grip


  • Low speed
  • Users have complained about high vibrations
  • It’s corded

Electric Hand Held Drywall Sander by Goplus

Sanding and preparing surfaces (walls) for painting is a rather tedious job because of the complexity of the process.

Due to its complexity, it’s recommended that you consider using a drywall sander that is able to smoothen the plastering surface in a breeze and shortest time possible.

That said, there are several options to choose from when looking for a drywall sander, and the Goplus Electric Hand Held Drywall Sander has managed to stand out as one of the best.

Most contractors and DIY enthusiast have used Goplus for several projects and its results are definitely amazing. Powered by a great motor with a power rating of 800W, Goplus Drywall Sander has variable speeds between 800 – 2400 RPM.

This speed rating is ideal for driving the disc for reliable sanding on different surfaces like ceilings walls and drywall constructions.

When compared to other drywall sanders, Goplus Drywall sander is lightweight, making it so more portable. Its sturdy construction also assures you of a strong and durable tool. Its bottom segment is detachable allowing you to smooth up to the edge and clean surfaces easily.

Featuring a dust bag and a functional self-suction dust extraction system, users are assured of a clean working environment. This ergonomic drywall sander also boasts adjustable LED light (0 – 180 degrees), datable sander bases, finger release, rubber handgrip and removable side handle.


  • Variable speed, 800 – 2400 RPM
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • User-friendly thanks to its reliable features


  • Most customers are concerned how hard it is to find its sandpaper discs
  • Very powerful, suitable for large-scale projects
  • Some users have claimed it is heavy and not very portable

How To Choose Which Disc Sander To Buy?

Disc sanders sizes range from medium to large and so does their versatility, weight, power, and efficiency. This is a move to effectively suit all your project needs that require a great all-rounder to deal with everything in the workshop.

To make sure you make the right decision when choosing a disc sander for your workshop, here are some primary factors to take into consideration.

Strength And Durability

To make sure that you’re investing in a strong and proper sander, just go with the metal construction. Metal constructions guarantee you of durability and longevity, besides being suitable for heavy-duty projects and more challenging tasks.

Disc Speed

From experience, it’s certain that speed, feed rate, and abrasive choice are all related. The disc speed determines how much sanding you’ll get done depending on your project.

According to the disc sanders engineering principles, speed is determined by the number of rotations the disc makes per minute. The length of the sanding strokes also comes into the picture as shorter strokes produce smoother surfaces.

Banked on these ideas, you should go for Sanders able to hit high-speed levels with a variable speed control that will ensure you of versatility – good for both soft and hard surface. Besides, the ability to control the speed helps you switch easily between different sanding and finishing requirements.

That said, a disc that rotates at about 1,720 RPM is considered effective and user-friendly.

Disc Size

The diameter (size) of the disc is another primary factor you need to take into consideration. Though most disc sander can work with discs of different sizes, it’s important to know the allowable disc sizes for your sander. A lager disc gives you more working space.

Disc sizes range from 4 to 12 inches, with the average size being between 6 – 8 inches. The larger the size the better the quality, accuracy, and quickness of the sanding.

Angular Sanding And Tilt Feature

The right disc sander should be versatile enough to allow you position it accurately and approach the workpiece at different angles for the finest finish.

According to experts, a pro belt disc sander should have a belt and disc with adjustable angle. This makes the operation is much easier and smoother since you’ve got the ability to set the sanding angle to fit your requirements.

The degree to which the angle can be adjusted varies from sander to sander, but a tool with a wider angle range offers you more versatility. Being incapable of adjusting the angles can lead several unnecessary problems in sanding.

Motor Power

You’ll also need to pay more attention to the motor’s amperage and horsepower since they tell more about the sander’s power and ability to drive the disc. Sanders operating on the direct drive have high efficiency and are less likely to slow down than those operating on belts alone.

A powerful motor is important since it makes the sander efficient an ability to handle different tasks.

Dust Collection

As aforementioned, disc sanders are designed to save woodworkers from the dust produced during sanding. It’s therefore important to ensure the sander’s dust collection system is highly efficient.

A good dust collection system should include filter canisters, dust bags, and hose attached to a vacuum.

Safety Features

Using power tools is always risky. You’ll need to ensure that the sander has features that will ensure you’re safe through sanding.

A good sander should feature triggers locks and pad breaks, making it easy to use and protect surfaces from being gouged. Sanding frames are also necessary to control the depth of sanding.

Other necessary factors include a comfortable grip, stable base, brand preference, your budget and whether you need a corded or cordless sander.

What Features To Compare When Looking For Best Disc Sander?


Before going deep into features and other necessary factors, you need to determine the type of sander you need for your project: bench-top or handheld.

Handheld sanders are more compact and operated manually, making them convenient for DIY enthusiasts. They are lightweight and multifunctional, meaning they can be used anywhere.

On the other hand, bench-top sanders are the big and powerful gorillas of the sanding world. You’ll need special benches to place them, making them suitable for large-scale operations.

Ease Of Use

Depending on your project needs, you’ll need to settle for a sander that is suitable for all your project needs. A tool’s ease of use is defined by its convenience, effort needed to work with it, an attractive overall style of construction, and a comfortable grip. This prevents fatigue and injury.

Technical Features

The better the technical features, the better the performance. You’ll, therefore, need to compare different sanders depending on motor power, disc rotation speed, sanding angles and the sturdy construction, among other important features.

Whichever brand you go for, a good disc sander should be accurate, reliable and secure. To choose the right disc sander for your project, you’ll need a comprehensive list of important factors relevant to your project needs and personal preferences.

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