Best Embroidery Machine for a Small Home Business?

The increasing demand for embroidery products in every family has led to the rise of home-based embroidery business in recent days, which is also an ideal way of expressing our artistic talents as well to make money.

Hence, I decided to write a comprehensive guide on some of the industry’s best embroidery machine for a small home business.

Our guide starts off with the necessary information you’ll need when you go out looking for the right embroidery machine for your home-based business.

COMMERCIAL PICK: Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

Whether you’re buying your first commercial-grade embroidery machine or planning to upgrade from your current one, you need to know about the Janome MB-4S.

It’s among my favorite commercial-grade embroidery machines that anyone thinking of a home-based embroidery business can ever dream of. Its design and features make it one of the fitting choices for most commercial tasks.

At first glance, the Janome MB4 looks more of an industrial embroidery machine than a home-based machine for commercial purposes. It’s sturdy and detailed design gives it an impressive look with the highly noticeable four-needles.

Though most people would think that threading the MB-4S would be a complex matter, I’ve come to learn that threading it is much simpler than threading a typical quilting, sewing or embroidery machine for home use.

So, is it really a commercial or industrial use embroidery machine?

Personally, the Janome MB-4S falls somewhere in the middle. It’s somewhat less efficient as an industrial machine but performs better as a commercial embroidery machine, since it can work four times faster thanks to its 4-thread function.


It features a remote computer screen (LCD) that allows the user to edit their embroidery designs easily. The screen is equipped with functions buttons on the right side (within easy reach), for easy operation. Although you can see your design on the screen, you can never have a visual image of the piece you’re working on.

The screen is designed and fitted in such a way that it offers a full set-up of controls with up to 65,536 colors, and the ability to power several machines, saving you from incurring more on additional controllers.

Apart from the 65,356 color adjustments, the editing functions also include rotating from 1 – 90 degrees increments, drag, and drop, flipping both horizontally and vertically, combining designs and resizing designs by 80 – 120%.

In addition to Janome’s four hoops, this machine is compatible with six industrial-standard hoops to offer you more embroidery options. And with its compatibility with most design formats, you should be prepared to hit an embroidering and sewing speed of up-to 800spm, and the 50 pre-programmed designs, 80 fonts, and 10 fonts. Not forgetting to mention the 3MBs of memory for storing more designs.

The Janome MB-4S features an automatic thread cutter and a dedicated Bobbin Winding motor. The thread cutter has the capability of cutting jump threads saving you enough time for other tasks. The dedicated bobbin winding motor (which isn’t a common feature on commercial grade models) lets you enjoy the latest feature in machines designed for commercial home-use.

Its large hoop size and ability to work with a wide range of fabrics make one of the best commercial embroidery machines on the market.


  • The 4 needles make it easy to use since you won’t have to waste time changing threads often
  • 50 inbuilt designs, 3MBs memory, USB port and 10 fonts make it one of the top performing embroidery machines for home-based business
  • Works well with several fabrics, from stiff gets to baby jumpers


  • Big and heavy and consumes more space
  • Design is a bit complex and you would professional experience to operate it
  • Expensive

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BEST EMBROIDERY MACHINE FOR HOME BUSINESS: Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery Machine

If you’re interested in taking your embroidery projects to an entirely new level, the Brother PE770 could well be an ideal option for you.

A large and versatile embroidery machine well served with numerous design editing features, design patterns, and compatible computer connectivity, making it our favorite choice for small home businesses.

How I wish a machine like the Brother PE770 was available when I was starting my small home-based business a couple of years ago. I first came across this machine at my colleague’s place.

She had been so passionate to start her own small home embroidery business after quitting her previous job. Though it doesn’t have detailed features that would make it a commercial-grade machine, I was pleased with how it offers users full control over every aspect of designing projects, including reduction, enlargements, mirror imaging, rotation, and even LCD preview.

In my opinion, I think the Brother PE770 invites you to advance your hobby/skills and start off small embroidery business on a favorable ground.


It has a large 5 × 7 inches embroidery field where you can make embroideries for carrying on’s, clothes, and other bigger items. Enjoy ample working space for larger lettering and designs, and combine different designs with less rehooping. With the large working space, you’ll be able to monitor your design, lettering, and editing options easily.

To ensure that you manage your embroidery projects accurately, the Brother PE770 comes with a back-lit LCD touch-screen display. This ensures you monitor and control the machine comfortably, as you gain easy access to the right design and editing options.

The user interface is absolutely one area where the machine exceeds every expectation thanks to its inbuilt navigation system which is user-friendly. You can execute several options and clearly see design patterns before starting.

Apart from the large workspace and the LCD touchscreen display that defines its role as my favorite small business machine, the Brother PE770 has 136 in-built embroidery designs and 184 in-built sewing stitches.

The embroidery designs include different formats of floral, quilt, and scrollwork designs, as well as 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes. The sewing stitches include a vast variety of different types including smoking, heirloom, scallop, and shell tuck.

The only thing I didn’t like about this machine is how the images are expressed in black and white only, and being a small business machine this can never go well with armatures who are still learning how to mix colors. So, if you may consider going for it ensure you how to handle threads correctly

Other impressive features on this machine include a USB port for reliable connectivity with relevant devices for more designs, memory card slot, stitch speed – 650 spm, quick set bobbin, auto thread cutter, easy threading system, and other special accessories.

Many consumers rave about this machine because it’s easy to use, making it one of the most recommended small business machines for amateurs and experienced users.


  • The large working space and LCD screen make it easy to use
  • Comes with an automatic (auto) needle threader and thread cutter
  • Enough room for future improvements, making it my favorite machine for beginners, intermediate users, and experienced individuals.


  • The screen displays image in black and white
  • You need a lot of editing to get the best out of the machine
  • Doesn’t have the ability to embroider items that you can’t lay-open flat such as stiff hats

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The Brother SE400 is one addition to Brother’s line of sewing and embroidery machines with the relevant features for printing/embroidering designs and logos on shirts and hats (cap).

Most logo embroidery businesses make a quick profit from shirts and hats because the hotel and other institutions often order for business embroidery on their hats and shirts, robes, towels and other items.

The Brother SE400 can work on different materials including heavy fabrics such as jeans and khaki, and currently, it’s used for printing designs on bags. It comes with 67 built-in stitches including 10 styles of 1-step buttonholes.

The built-in stitches include an assortment of zigzag, blind hem, straight, overcasting, stretch, eyelet, patchwork, smocking, applique, heirloom, decorative, quilting stitches and side-cutter stitches. All making this an ideal embroidery machine for hats and shirt business.


Since this machine is computerized, you can easily add the different logo and patterns you want to embroider on hats and shirts. It also combines both sewing and embroidery properties, which are aimed at offering every user a highly-professional experience at an affordable price.

The machine offers necessary features that will see you sew, embroider and quilt comfortably. You don’t have to own different machines for your home-based embroidery business, thanks to the Brother SE400.

Away from its sewing, embroidering and quilt combo features, this machine also features a high-quality LCD display allowing monitor and control all your projects. It’s a sensitive touchscreen display with a good resolution allowing manage different settings. You gain easy access to different settings such as enlargements, and other editing features that are helpful for your project.

Then there’s the unique set of 70 in-built embroidery designs and 67 stitches for sewing, with 5 different lettering fonts. The designs and fonts can be rotated or mirrored, as well as reduced and enlarged. Since the machine is computerized, you can utilize PES designs from other compatible devices.

Its comprehensive sewing and embroidery functions and a large working space makes it my favorite machine for beginners seeking to start small hats and shirts embroidery business since it’s so easy to use and understand its controls.

It features an automatic thread cutter, which cuts both the bobbin and top thread with a simple touch of the lever. The threading path is clearly indicated thanks to the automatic and manual needle threading capability, making it easy to thread and works efficiently.


  • One machine that allows you to sew, embroider and quilt comfortably.
  • Reliable USB connectivity support for downloading designs, and a card slot for adding more designs.
  • A high number of stitches for inspiring creativity, especially when designing logos.


  • The motor consumes a lot of power -120V for operation
  • Can’t adjust the presser’s pressure
  • Need to clean the bobbin case frequently because of the built-in sensors

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EMBROIDERY MACHINE FOR HATS AND SHIRTS BUSSINESS: Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

The Brother LB6800PRW is another machine on our list of industries top embroidery machines that offers both general embroidery and sewing properties for shirts, hats and other material.

It comes with the latest features in the industry making it reliable machines that are compatible with modern demands. Its drool-worthy features ensure you with reliable computer connectivity, allowing you to upload your own customized (and clients’ logos) embroidery and sewing designs.

If you’re looking for a home machine able to handle heavy fabric and perhaps leather, the Brother LB6800PRW is not a bad choice. Its 7-point feed dogs offer a smooth (even) feeding experience with different types of fabrics.

It’s my favorite choice for occasional minor projects, and not for the heaviest materials. Once you use the right foot and the appropriate size of the needle, you can easily work on heavy materials such as caps, hats, denim, and khaki. When working on hats and other heavy items, slowing down your speed helps in sewing.


Away from the privilege of expanding your design library and the 7-point feed dogs, the machine also offers you 67 built-in sewing stitches, 70 built-in embroidery designs, 5 lettering fonts, and 120 frame combinations.

The pre-programmed stitches are meant for different purposes, which include utility, heirloom, quilting, decorative and quilting. The pre-programmed designs include floral, holiday, animal and kids’ designs.

A clear indication that Brother has utilized its resources to help you take your embroidery skills to the next level.

Since computer connectivity is important in many hats and shirts sewing and embroidery machines these days, the Brother LB6800PRW comes equipped with USB and Memory card slot support allowing you to import designs and company logos from your computer and other devices.

It’s also possible to update the machine’s software via USB connection. The system is also iBroidery compatible allowing you to download different designs from

What I don’t like about this machine is the low bobbin alert. I would prefer if it could be adjusted to alert once not after every 10 stitches. Users used to overriding needle position through tapping their heels on the foot pedal may need enough time to adapt to the machine.

Its LCD touchscreen display is in-built and easy to use, allowing you easy access to frames, designs and different editing functions such as resizing and rotations. It also features the one-touch auto thread cutter and consistent stitching.


  • The right option for beginners and intermediate sewers interested in dealing with heavy materials.
  • The sewing speed is adjustable
  • Quick upload and edit of new stitch and embroidery designs


  • Slightly overpriced when compared to other machines in its league
  • The foot pedal is so light and comes out sideways instead of the back
  • The hoops are so small

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MONOGRAMMING MACHINE FOR SMALL BUSINESS: Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Machine

The Brother Designio Series DZ320E is one of the right options available if you’re just starting out in crafting embroidered creations, thanks to the pre-loaded designs, LCD touchscreen display, more embroidery hoops, and a massive range of useful features and accessories.

There’s no limit to what you can do on this state-of-the-art-machine. With the rising demand for monogrammed items, the Brother Designio Series DZ820E has been performing well in most workshops.

Since it moves down the scale in terms of complexity and price, it’s a recommendable machine for beginners seeking to start with monogrammed items. Its generally easy to work with since it has the simplest features that can be understood by anyone passionate about learning about the latest embroidery technology – a fair entry to the middle level of sophistication.

It comes with 136 pre-loaded embroidery designs, 120 frame-pattern combinations, and 6 lettering fonts for a successful embroidery project.

You’ll also get two-extra embroidery hoops (at 4×4-inch and 2.5×1-inch), a starter kit and a CD containing 200 additional embroidery designs.

Most users consider it an ideal choice for all level of crafter since you can always use this machine to perfect your art, no matter how inexperienced or experienced you may be.

The LCD touchscreen display allows you monitor and control every process. You can edit your designs and add more designs easily. The machine is also compatible with iBrodery allowing download more unique designs for your projects.

Then there’s the large super-bright workspace, intuitive memory card slots, auto thread cutter, extra bobbins and more accessories and features for convenience.


  • The LCD display is bright and very responsive
  • Come with a collection of embroidery hoops allowing you work on different projects conveniently
  • 25-year warranty


  • Most users have complained about occasional tension issues
  • You’ll need an extra spool stand when using large thread spools
  • Small display

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Benefits Of Modern (Computerized) Embroidery Machines

Are you planning to start an embroidery business at home? Well, you need to know more about the modern embroidery machines – worthy computerized companions giving you the privilege to immerse yourself in the art of embroidery and other creative endeavors.

Modern embroidery machines come with technologically advanced tools and features that create perfect designs and patterns. Though there are several models on the market today, you’ll always find one relevant machine able to address your demands.

Apart from being used to make complicated patterns and designs, computerized embroidery machines have earned a great reputation in recent years for their accuracy, ease of use, efficiency, dependable speed, fast deliveries and additional sewing features.

Speaking of special features on these machines, their ability to give your work a professional look in and still multi-functionality is just amazing. And with many people working so hard to express their artistic talents in recent days, modern embroidery machines are playing a great role in fulfilling their dreams.

These machines have been found to work well on several materials such as linen, cotton, khaki, and raw fabric.

Besides, every machine features at least six different needles in different sizes, helping you change into different sewing functions depending on your needs. This feature helps you save cash since you won’t need to buy another sewing machine.

Modern embroidery machines come at reasonable prices, compatible with the latest embroidery designs and fonts, sturdily built and durable, ease of repair and getting spares, easy to link with computers and use modern designs, large working space, ability to multitask, ease of maintenance and good customer support(link).

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Choosing the Right Embroidery Machines for Your Home-Based Business

Whether you’re purchasing your first embroidery machine or simply upgrading from your recent one, you’ll agree that choosing the right embroidery machine for home-based business can be confusing. Not only from a technical perspective but also as a considerable investment.

Since we all want to settle for a machine that will match our interests, here are some of the primary factors to take into consideration when you’re out there shopping.


There’s is a dizzying range of model choices and modern feature options available on the market today, which you need to understand the basics. So, to avoid the complexity that comes with choosing/shopping for your ideal machine, you need to understand that there are two types of embroidery machines: the Free-Hand and the pre-programmed machines.

The programmable embroidery machine can automatically embroider designs selected (pre-programmed) by the user and are able to handle both sewing and embroidery.

The Free-Hand machines are mainly found in modern households and are capable of handling major embroidery tasks. Operating free-hand machines involves dropping the feed dogs (you may also cover them with the darning-plate), setting the stitch length and width to 0 (zero), and controlling the material (fabric) through the machines. This is opposed to programmable embroidery machines where the fabric is held tight by hoops.

Since the most individuals are interested in computerized machines, our guide focuses on the pre-programmed embroidery machines that are specially designed for household businesses.


Once you’ve figured out the right type of embroidery machine you need, look into the different brands available and what they have to offer in your line of interest. The major brands specializing in the manufacture of household embroidery machines include Singer, Janome, Viking, Brother, Baby Lock, Pfaff, Elna, Bernina, and Husqvarna.

Your brand choice is important when it comes dealing with issues related to maintenance and usage. If you’re buying your first machine, research on the brands’ reputations (learn the pros and cons), you can do internet searches, ask friends and internet strangers.

Hoop Size

Another important thing you need to take seriously is the size of the hoop. Machines with the biggest range of hoop sizes are recommended because they enable you to embroider designs of all sizes in a single go. Although you’re still able to stitch/embroider large-designs with a smaller hoop, you’ll have to shift the fabric severally when embroidering. This is often frustrating and slow things down.

That said, the recommended size of hoops range should at least start from 100 by 100mm to 350 by 350mm.

Inbuilt Designs and Connectivity

Every modern (computerized) embroidery machine comes with a unique set of pre-loaded design options. These designs are incorporated into the memory and you’ll always find something that works well as per your interests.

If you’re passionate about adding more stitch and design options, you need to go for machines with the right connectivity. You can link them your computer via USB drives, CD drive, data cables or uploading from the internet.

This makes connectivity and compatibility another primary concern for anyone thinking of buying embroidery machines in this era.


All modern embroidery machines for home-based business come with screens displaying certain design-related descriptions. You should, therefore, pay attention to screen size, resolution, brightness and design.

LCD screens are known to offer a clear view of the design you are embroidering, and other things you may need to see. Lately, we have witnessed the introduction of touchscreen displays too, which demands you to also pay attention to the screens sensitivity, responsiveness, and size.

Size of Working Space

Because embroidery machines are needed to be versatile, you settle for ones with a large working space. Large is relative, depending on your project demands and other special requirements that will ensure you don’t out-grow your machine in future.

Machines with large working areas are beneficial because they can handle more work compared to those with small working areas.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, you’ll need to pay attention to stitch speed, a number of needles, throat width, editing capabilities, motor, accessories and additional features, servicing, portability, dealer, pricing and your budget.

Banked on the aforementioned factors, here’s our comprehensive review on some of the best embroidery machines for home-based business.

We have ranked our choices depending on what they have been recommended for by manufacturers and their users. These include our commercial pick, the small home business pick, some recommended for hats and shirt business, and my favorite monogram pick.

10 Total Score
Our Pick: Brother PE770

From the above-listed machines, the Brother PE770 stands out because of its great features that especially meant to perfect the art of embroidery. Though we have other machines combining both sewing and embroidery, and with a great performance in small home-based business, the Brother PE770 remains the top performer because of its versatility.

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