Best Motorcycle Lift Tables

A motorcycle lift table is a helpful tool when it comes to basic maintenance activities like bike washing and changing of fluids. Most bike owners nowadays prefer to maintain their own bikes and this has made the motorcycle lifts quite popular.

There are different models on the market for sports bikes, race bikes, street bikes, cruisers, custom bikes, and choppers. A number of motorcycle lifts have optional extensions for different recreational vehicles like ATVs, four-wheelers, jet ski, and snowball.

This may also include non-recreational vehicles like the riding mower. Some of the key features differentiating the various lifts include weight capacity and wheel frame style.

Motorcycle lift tables can be described as flat steel plates that hold the bike during routine maintenance and repairs. The best motorcycle lift tables have wheel vices for locking the bike on the steel plates.

Some have d-loops for securing the bike in place using tie-downs. Most tables have a textured surface to grips the bike tires so as to prevent slippage.

They also have ramps for easier movement of the bike on and off the table surface. The table can be raised to a convenient height using compressed air or a hydraulic system.

A good motorcycle lift table will benefit not only the motorcycle owner but also the dealers and the riders. Many a time one has to get down on the knees to maintain or repair their motorcycle.

The only problem with this posture is that it exposes you to issues of backaches and soreness. In performing routine maintenance tasks on your motorcycle, it is therefore important to lift it up to a more comfortable working position.

A motorcycle lift table can make your work easier by lifting the motorcycle to a suitable working height. This enables you to access the engine and other bike parts more easily.

Roughneck Motorcycle Lift

The Roughneck Motorcycle Lift comes with a large diamond plate platform. The plate measures 86.5 inches by 26.75 inches in length and width respectively.

A hydraulic foot pump is used to operate the lift. This lift can be used for easier servicing of a motorcycle and smaller recreational vehicles.

The capacity of the ramp is 1000 pounds while its overall length is 102 inches.

Two swivel and two fixed castors come with this lift to enable easier movement within the garage. A 7-inch tire stop together with an integrated leg-lock helps in preventing movements while in use.

Two eye rings have been included to enable easier use.

For more safety, these rings can be used with tie-down straps. The mechanical locking system has been included and it has two safety locking positions.

Generally, this lift is able to achieve full height in about 20 seconds.


  • It takes only 20 seconds to get the lift into its full position
  • Comfortable working heights due to a strong hydraulic pump
  • Ability to collapse up to 7 inches and rise up to 30 inches


  • Has a number of sharp edges which can cause injuries
  • Can be quite slippery whenever liquids spill on the painted surface
  • The straps have not been included

Rage Powersports BW-PROLIFT-HD Heavy Duty Motorcycle Table

The BW-PROLIFT-HD motorcycle table is a Rage Powersports product brand and weighs about 434 pounds.

As a high-end model product, this table is mainly designed for large bikes.

With a lifting capacity of 1500 pounds and a large table area, it will comfortably take care of any bike no matter the size.

The table’s length is 105 inches whereas its width is 24 inches.

Some of its great features include an adjustable wheel vice, a ramp, and a drop-out plate. An inbuilt center lift enables it to lift wheels off the table much easier.

Servicing the bike tires can, therefore, be quite easy with this table. A 90 PSI air pressure is required to operate the lift.

An 8-position locking system is included for safety purposes.

There is also a one year warranty period given to the buyers by the table’s manufacturer.


  • Ability to lift off the ground a large custom bike from 7 inches up to 31.25 inches
  • Constructed from a heavy-duty steel material which will last you long
  • Adjustable wheel vice enables easier servicing


  • Expensive and beyond the reach of most customers
  • The assembly process can be quite a task and the installation instructions are not very clear
  • Requires some side rails to ease the process of placing the bike on the table

Redline TR1500 Motorcycle Lift Table

This is a perfect lift table for trikes. It has side extensions that enable you to easily access the trike from the motor.

The lifting height of the table is 46 inches, its length is 110 inches while its width is 63 inches.

Some of its features include a removable 3-piece rear ramp section, inbuilt castors, a free front extension panel, rear drop out panel, a dual operation foot pump, side extension panels and an inbuilt safety lock system.

The weight of the table is 716 pounds. It can be lowered up to a height of 8.25 inches.

In order to operate the table, you require minimum air pressure of 100 psi. 7 CFM of air supply is required by the air motor.

The inbuilt castors are non-load bearing hence enables easier movement.


  • Easy mobility due to built-in casters
  • Excellent performance
  • Has side extension panels for easy movements


  • Quite expensive and beyond the reach of many users
  • Bulky especially if you have to move it from one location to another
  • The side extensions are not full length

Black Widow Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit

Black widow kit has everything you need for motorcycle maintenance and service.

The various items are bundled and shipped together in a shrink-wrapped pallet.

A BW-550 hydraulic table whose capacity is 1000 pounds is one of the features of the kit.

The other feature is a 24-inch loading ramp.

The lifting range for this table is between 7 inches (minimum) and 32 inches (maximum). This range gives you the ability to lift the motorcycle to a comfortable working height.

Wheel access is made possible using the rear drop-out panel.

There is also a hand-operated BW-2065 tire bead breaker within the kit. The breaker enables easy and faster changing of tires and custom rim replacement.

A motorcycle wheel balancer (BW-WB-03) is also available for balancing weights and tires up to 10 inches wide and 28 inches diameter.

Raising the bike off its tires is made possible with an MC-Jack center that is able to lift up to 1100 pounds


  • A car charger is included for portable light
  • The lifting of the motorcycle off its tires made possible with its 17-inch platform feature
  • Drop out panels gives you access to the wheels even when the bike is strapped


  • Doesn’t work well with large bikes due to the absence of side extensions
  • Customers have complained about some parts bending easily
  • Acquiring the kit is somehow costly

Pit Posse PP2551 Motorcycle Jack Lift Center Stand

The Pit Posse PP2551 lift table has been designed for quads and MX dirt bikes.

With it, you can easily lift the motorcycle with minimal effort than other hand operated models.

It uses an inbuilt foot pedal to lift the bike.

Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds may limit it to smaller bikes.

Height off the ground can be adjusted between 13 inches and 36 inches.

The stability of the bike is provided by safety loops while the safety pins provide for extra insurance.

Frame construction comprises a heavy duty steel material for extra strength.

The other features include a large drain hole for oil and a rubber top that is both oil and gas resistant.

In terms of the warranty, you get a two-year cover from the manufacturer.


  • The rubber platform is gas resistant
  • Assembly process is quite easy as most of the parts are already assembled
  • Quite light measuring only 64 pounds


  • The jack needs some improvement
  • Customers have complained about certain parts like the rubber top falling off after a short time of use
  • It can be quite high for certain users making it hard to place the bike

Rage Powersports BW-550 Black Widow Hydraulic Lift

This is a professional-grade model that uses a hydraulic system to pump the air.

Having been crafted from a strong and heavy duty steel material, it’s a perfect lift for your shop maintenance or home garage.

1000 pounds is the weight that can be driven by this lift platform.

The platform can then be secured with an oversized tire clamp and two tie-down loop points.

Lifting the bike between 7 inches and 32 inches has been made easy using the hydraulic foot pedal.

There are inbuilt caster wheels that allow for maneuvering while carrying the load.

Also included is the drop panel for accessing the bike’s rear, safety locking mechanism, a traction diamond plate platform, a glossy black coat and an 11 gauge steel construction.


  • A diamond plated platform that is quite durable
  • Repositioning of the lift while it is loaded is very possible
  • Maneuvering has been made easy


  • Relatively expensive
  • Doesn’t support large sized bikes
  • The glossy black finish is attractive with dust and dirt

Types of Motorcycle Lift Tables

The motorcycle lift tables are classified according to the type of power used. Despite having the same scissor-style, they vary in size, lifting height, wheel vise, and accessories. Most motorcycle shops have three main types of motorcycle lift tables. They are

Air lifts

This is the most popular lift type on the market. It’s also the least expensive one in that case. With only 100 PSI, you are able to operate it using compressed air.

Having been equipped with a foot-operated the valve, you can easily raise or lower it to activate the air cylinder. The capacity rating is about 1000 pounds and it has several locking positions.

Most of them come with a wheel vise to secure your motorcycle and a drop panel to enable easier access to the rear components.

Air hydraulic lifts

The air hydraulic lift is powered by air but also comes with an air pump for pushing hydraulic fluid through the lifting cylinder. On top of the air pump, there is a foot operated pedal that helps in activating it.

The pump housing has a reservoir tank that helps in storing hydraulic oil. These lifts have fluid that enables them to be operated more smoothly than the air lifts.

Electric hydraulic lifts

Just like the air hydraulic lift, this lift has a hydraulic pump only that it is powered by electricity. This pump helps in activating the lifting cylinder.

In terms of cost, it is the most expensive one due to the costs associated with its powering unit. A number of people love them anyway because of a number of reasons.

First is that the electric power makes it quite convenient. The other reason is that it has a consistent operating speed and pressure. Adding a handheld remote control makes it even more convenient to its users.

Motorcycle Lift Table – How Do I Pick The Right One?

There are quite a number of motorcycle lift tables on the market and choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. To assist you to make the right choice, we look at some of the things you have to consider before picking it.

The first thing to put into consideration is the table’s clearance and maximum level. The clearance level needs to be low when depressed while the maximum level needs to be high enough to suit different users.

The second aspect for your consideration is the base plate. For safety purposes, a 16 inch or more base plate is recommended.

Having some locking casters or securing straps will be more beneficial. A table that holds loads of up to 1200 pounds will be worth considering.

The general guiding principle is to go for a table that holds double the bike’s weight. Finally, it is always good to look at what other customers have said about the product.

Reading the customer reviews gives you valuable information about the product. It also helps you to become more knowledgeable in terms of what you need and what to look for.

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Our Pick: Rage Powersports BW-550

This is a professional-grade model that uses a hydraulic system to pump the air. Having been crafted from a strong and heavy duty steel material, it’s a perfect lift for your shop maintenance or home garage.

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