Reviews of Best Battery Maintainers

Batteries are important devices in the world we live in as they are widely used to operate phones, bikes, boats, vehicles, and other important gadgets and machines.

In order to keep them running and functioning perfectly, we need to keep them charged and safe. That said, battery maintainers (also referred to as battery tenders) are currently one of the most sought-after devices for keeping batteries charged and safe.

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

If you’ve been researching about the best battery maintainers on the market today, then you’ll agree that Deltran’s Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 is one of the industry’s best.

Its consistent presence in the list of best battery tender will convince you to buy it.

This is a 1.25 amp automatic (programmed) battery charger system designed to charge a battery to full power and then shift to maintenance mode, protecting it at its right storage voltage.

Even though it charges at 1.25 amp, it has been tested to gradually charge and maintain 6V and 12V batteries with ease as the manufacturer insists that it also charges as faster as any other 3 amp charger.

Battery Tender Plus is designed to run on the 4-phase charging program – initialization mode, Bulk Charge Mode, Absorption Mode, and Float Mode, which ensure all your battery charging and maintenance needs are well taken care of.

You don’t have to worry about the system overcharging or any other thing that may ruin your battery.

For safety and security, the Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 comes with a reverse polarity system, and temperature compensated system to ensure optimal charge voltage as per the ambient temperature.


  • High-performance thanks to the 4-step charging system
  • Strong and durable construction
  • 10-year warranty guarantees you of the best value for your money


  • Users have complained about its slow charge rate
  • Cannot adjust the charging rate
  • Less suitable for huge machines

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA

For close to 7 decades now, the Schumacher Electric Corp has been widely appreciated for making some of the industry’s best electric devices, and the Schumacher SC-1200-CA is another addition to their line of battery chargers, maintainers and jump starters.

The SpeedCharge 1200A is one of the most popular 12 amp chargers able to support 6V and 12V batteries.

It runs on an automatic computerized system that is controlled by a microprocessor and comes with a unique system that allows for 3 amp for maintenance, 6 amp for medium charging and 12 amp for rapid charging, not forgetting to mention the digital display.

Just like most battery tenders in its league, it has multiple charging modes which give it the ability to charge quickly and keep the battery safe.


  • Flexible and fast charging
  • Easily to use and very portable
  • Great display


  • Poor construction
  • Poor instruction/user manual
  • Noisy fan

Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA

If you’re looking for a portable battery maintainer with the greatest performance, then the Schumacher SEM 1562A is the right solution for you.

This battery charger comes with different special features, making it a convenient and reliable addition that works with different types of batteries.

It can automatically switch from charging to maintenance making a reliable device. Through its high-performance system, it can maintain both 6V and 12V batteries.

It features a smart LED display that lets you know the charging status and any modes of trouble. One unique and the most amazing feature about this charger is its microprocessor charging and maintenance system.

This has made it the fastest charger in its league and still utilizes several technologies to make it one of the most reliable chargers on the market.


  • First charging
  • Reliable charging and maintenance system
  • The informative LED display makes it easy to use


  • A slow charge rate when used on large batteries
  • Cables are of poor quality
  • Weak documentation

Battery Tender Junior 021-0123

The Battery Tender 021-0123 is another widely appreciated addition to Deltran’s line of battery chargers and maintainers.

As opposed to many Deltran’s products that are designed to offer specific services, the Battery Tender Junior has crossed boundaries to offer the best value for your money.

This isn’t your typical battery maintainer. It has got the technology, value, performance, design, and durability needed to charge and maintain your 6V and 12V batteries for the longest time possible.

The right addition to every person’s workshop or garage. Like most battery maintainers from Deltran, the Battery Tender Jr operates on an in-built computerized system that completely controls the charging and maintenance process, making them fully automatic.

It is not your typical battery tender. It will properly charge your battery and automatically switch to float mode (perfect maintenance).

Unlike its big brother, Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, this battery model is compact and lightweight. It is one that can easily fit in a small space and still does great things. At 40 pounds, it is the perfect and lightest battery maintainer for you.

For security and safety, it includes reverse polarity protection, a spark-proof system that’s helpful for lead connection, and a 12-foot output cord.


  • Automatic charging and maintenance cycle
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Perfect for all 12V lead-acid batteries


  • Slow charge rate
  • Lacks temperature compensation
  • Heats up quickly


Speaking of the affordable battery maintainers that can still assure you of the best performance, the BLACK+DECKER BM3B can never go unmentioned.

It features a great enough to make it stand out as one of the industry’s best small chargers able to suit your needs.

BLACK+DECKER BM3B comes with a high-frequency smart charging and maintenance technology able to help your battery attain the right charge and keep an optimal charge.

Its ability to switch automatically between the charging and floating modes makes it reliable. All you need to do is to just connect the battery terminal to the charger, and allow the process to run as programmed.

Another great feature is that a smart charging system that includes a mounting bracket, supports heavy machines such as vehicles and able to charge batteries of different ratings – 6V and 12V.


  • Fully automatic charging and maintenance system
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Great value for your money


  • Weak construction could be fragile
  • Doesn’t support AGM and PWC batteries
  • Some customers have reported a few cases of overcharged batteries

Potek 2/6/10 Amp Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

Though POTEK can be considered to be among the small companies in the battery charger business, their Potek 2/6/10 Amp Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer has always been appreciated by many users.

This battery charger can be used to charge and maintain batteries of different types and has the capacity to offer optimal performance to keep the charge up and stable.

It’s suitable for AGM and Gel batteries, which most battery chargers in its league don’t support.

Then there’s the adjustable charging rate that you can change manually. It also features a digital display capable of responding to the 3-stage charging system, allowing to keep track of the charging, voltage, current and other necessary ratings.

For security and safety, it features a reverse polarity system, battery over-heat protection, external short circuit protection, and the full functional automatic system.


  • Full functional automatic system
  • A reliable performance able to support different types of batteries
  • Great security and safety features


  • Weak construction
  • Limited warranty
  • Heats up quickly

So, What Is A Battery Maintainer Used For?

Keeping batteries safe and charged has always been a major concern to many who usually use them to power electronic machines and gadgets.

And it’s so unfortunate that most of us lack the knowledge on determining how much charge trickles into or out of the battery during charging or when not in use. For that reason, investing in a battery maintainer is important to help keep your battery charged and safe.

Under normal circumstances, problems arise when the battery is left discharged or inactive for an extended amount of time. This effectively ruins the battery’s quality, and that’s why it’s important to use a battery maintainer to keep it stable in any condition.

A battery maintainer is a device used to ensure an electronic machine that depends on battery’s power to run will start after it has been dormant for a while.

It uses a small trickle charge to maintain a stable supply of charge through the battery so the charge doesn’t bleed out when it is not being used, and still protect the battery from being overcharged during charging.

A battery maintainer saves you money. When you jump start your battery after it has lost its charge completely, you’re shortening its life and risking potential damage to the appliances that depend on it.

Therefore, a battery maintainer helps preserve your battery, increase its lifespan, save money that would have used for replacement and protect the environment by reducing the number of disposed of batteries.

Difference Between Battery Charger And Battery Maintainer?

The difference between a battery charger and a battery maintainer is that a charger applies charge constantly, whether the battery is fully charged or not. This is often linked to many cases of overcharging and damage if not managed carefully.

A battery maintainer, on the other hand, has a more advanced circuitry than chargers and can monitor the battery charge levels, and only charges when the voltage has dropped below the preset level, thus preventing overcharging and damage.

Most battery chargers have a reduced rate of charge (at least 10hrs or more) to reduce the possibility of overcharging the battery but still are never safe.

Battery maintainers have a better circuitry that is able to charge at a higher rate while regulating the amount of current to prevent overcharging. This shortens charging time to just a few hours.

Banked on this, battery chargers should be disconnected/reconnected manually after the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. A battery maintainer can be left connected indeterminately.

How Does The Battery Maintainer Work?

We have already learned how battery maintainers are useful in our daily lives, starting from how they keep the batteries safe and charged when they have stayed inactive for a long period of time to help extend the life of our batteries by preventing early replacements.

But how do these amazing devices work?

Well, most batteries operate on the lead-acid technology, which consists of lead plates submerged in (surrounded by) acidic solution (electrolyte). When the battery is in use or discharges, the plates react with the acidic solution to create an electric current.

But when you start charging the battery, the chemical reaction is reversed and the battery returns to its full charge state.

In that vein, battery maintainers are built to keep the environment stable by preventing the chemical reaction between the plates and acidic solution when the battery is not in use. They are meant to charge your batteries completely.

For example, in automotive-type batteries, a battery maintainer will address several issues:

  • Must charge the battery until most of the sulfate is back into the acidic solution (reversing the chemical process) by attaining the preferred voltage.
  • Must have the ability to break down hardened sulfate crystals and still prevent their formation.
  • Should be able to hold its output current until the battery attains gassing voltage and be able to maintain the battery at a post-charge voltage state that will neither allow it to self-discharge nor eat away its contents.

A battery maintainer achieves these results by working in a 3-step charging program that includes the initial charge, bulk charge, and flat mode.

At the “initial charge” mode, the maintainer assesses the battery to determine if it needs some charging or not. This will indicate the charge percentage that the battery needs.

Then there’s the “bulk charge” mode where actual charge occurs. The battery maintainer will apply charge in the fastest and safest way possible while reducing any potential damages to your battery.

Battery maintainers are designed to offer the right amount of charges, you should be assured that your battery will get the right amount of voltage.

After the crucial bulk-charge mode, there’s the “float” mode, which is another important phase of the program. This phase is meant to keep your battery safe by ensuring it doesn’t get overcharged and charges again when the charge drops below 100%, thus maintaining full charge.

When dealing with the automotive-type batteries, the float mode is so crucial since it prevents overcharging and still discourages sulfation.

When a battery is supplied with continuous current and held at a steady voltage that’s below the gassing voltage it will start to sulfate after about 60 days, and this can damage the battery.

As a result, the float mode is meant to exercise the battery to discourage sulfation. This being the case, battery maintainers are important devices to own if you own machines and gadgets that depend on battery’s power.

However, most people who have gone out purchasing these gadgets are often finding it difficult to settle on ones suitable for their needs.

For this reason, we have put together a compressive list of evenhanded reviews of the best battery maintainers on the market today.

10 Total Score
Our Pick: Battery Tender Plus

If you’ve been researching about the best battery maintainers on the market today, then you’ll agree that Deltran’s Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 is one of the industry’s best. Its consistent presence in the list of best battery tender will convince you to buy it.

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