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In order to split chunks of wood into small firewood that can fit into the fireplace to warm you up during cold winter seasons, you need one of the two existing tools available for homeowners; splitting ax and/or splitting maul. Each tool is designed for splitting wood, but their unique characteristics make each ideal for different situations as you will find out. These tools also come at different prices and while expensive designs often offer better quality, you can still find the value for money in affordable offers.

Splitting mauls are quite popular since they are designed to split large blocks of wood into smaller square pieces. They are often in high demand during winter when more people need to keep their fireplaces burning, but finding such mauls all year round should not be a daunting task; most tool shops provide them.

Nevertheless, not all splitting mauls you come across will meet your needs. Some are simply made of poor quality materials (wood and metal) that will break off after a few uses while others require a lot of effort to use.

It is therefore important to carefully review your options before spending money considering the intense work involved in wood splitting. This will ensure you get the tool most suitable for the job. So what’s the best splitting maul?

Here is a brief look at the top 6 best splitting mauls you can rely on to do the work.

Fiskars 36 inch Iso Core Splitting Maul

This is one of the top splitting mauls you will find in the market. It comes with a host of features including the 8 lb head that combines a splitting face and a sledgehammer to help you push wedges into cracks. The 36-inch maul features optimized blade geometry and a patented shock control system (IsoCore) that absorbs the shock and vibration produced when you strike the wood.

The 36-inch maul features optimized blade geometry and a patented shock control system (IsoCore) that absorbs the shock and vibration produced when you strike the wood.

Other features include insulation sleeves that provide additional shock absorption and handle flare for an ergonomic non-slip grip. The double-coated splitting maul comes at a very affordable price.


  • Ergonomic arm and handle ensure you remain safe while splitting wood.
  • Has an optimized blade and hammer that makes splitting blocks of wood easier to achieve.
  • Features extra shock absorption to reduce the impact of vibration on your body; IsoCore offers up to two times the shock absorption offered by wood arms.


  • Some users reported that the arm broke too soon after missing the log and hitting a stone.
  • The protective plastic collar placed over the handle does not take long to crack although the maul will still work and balance.
  • Only good for muscular men as it is really heavy (8 lbs).

Helko Vario 2000 Log Splitter

This is the ideal splitting maul when looking for heavy deep wedge tools that can be used to split trunks, heavy firewood, logs, and rounds. It features high-grade oil-hardened carbon steel (C50) made in Germany and Grade-A certified American Hickory handle. The 36-inch arm supports a 6 lb head while the total weight of the splitting maul is 8.5 lbs.

It also features the trademark interchangeable blade system used in all Helko Vario 2000 models. With an internal safety lock, loose heads will remain attached to the curved arm. This is definitely one of the best splitting mauls and comes with a tanned leather sheath and blade protector oil to ensure your maul remains in optimum splitting condition at all times.


  • Features top quality durable materials certified in both America and Germany.
  • Got a curved arm frame that improves stability and comfort.
  • You can exchange the blades with any of your choices within the Vario 2000 range.


  • Users are warned not to hit the head or wiggle the arm around, which presents a problem when the wedge gets such in a block.
  • Quite heavy (about 9 lbs total weight) and needs controlled posture and strike to accomplish anything.
  • The screw head design may get loose so you need to keep tightening especially under intense work.

Husqvarna Wooden Splitting Maul 32″

Forged in Sweden and made of high standard hickory, this 32-inch splitting maul is one of the most sturdy offers available in the market. Its durability and efficiency set it apart from any other log splitter in the market. With a deep cut wedge and heavy poll (for driving splitting wedges), it takes only one good strike to split logs apart.

Husqvarna is one of the few axes that can double up as a sledgehammer and features hardened steel that will last a lifetime. It also comes with a leather sheath to protect the ax head and features a traditional double wedge attachment (the head is attached to the arm using wedges on both ends).


  • Very durable quality splitting maul that will last many years.
  • Can be used both as a sledgehammer and ax so there is no worry about cracking the head.
  • Comfortable design hickory that makes positioning easy and reduces the striking impact on the body.
  • Not so heavy compared to other options within the range.


  • It comes with a terrible edge grind that requires some work to sharpen it a little bit.
  • Some users have reported that their axes broke into two following intense cutting, but customer service was quick to respond.

Wilton Tools 50836 B.A.S.H-Splitting Maul

Most homeowners consider this the best splitting maul in the country if not in the world. Unlike many alternatives, it comes with a steel arm eliminating breakages and features a heavy 8 lb head.

Other features are; long anti-vibration neck that absorbs all the shock and vulcanized non-slip grips handle that makes striking comfortable.

This 36-inch tool is one of the few recognized by the manufacturer as a splitting maul and features a Hi-Viz drop-forged head. Its all-metal frame ensures maximum durability.


  • One of the most durable splitting mauls in the market with an all-metal head and arm design.
  • Designed with a long anti-shock neck that prevents vibrations from reaching your body thus minimizing striking impact.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip makes striking safe.


  • Very heavy; the head alone is 8lbs therefore ideal for users with strong muscles.
  • It needs some grinding work out of the box as the wedge is quite blunt.
  • One of the expensive models.

Estwing E3-FF4 Splitting Axe/Maul

This is one of the top choices that arise when looking for lighter wood splitting mauls. The 4-pound head and arm is forged in one piece in America to form a sturdy all metal design that lasts for years.

The 4-pound head and arm are forged in one piece in America to form a sturdy all-metal design that lasts for years.

It also features a patented anti-shock grip that reduces shock and vibration by up to 70%.

It comes with a ballistic sheath and hand-sharpened cutting edge.


  • It is one of the heavy duty durable user-friendly wood splitters that can be used by anyone.
  • All-metal frame prevents the arm from breaking. No need for any fixing or loose ends to be fastened.
  • Comes at an affordable price as one of the cheapest all-metal frame woods splitting mauls doubling up as a hatchet when used correctly.


  • It is not as heavy as you would want a splitting maul to be especially when splitting logs and heavy firewood.
  • Some users reported that their tools had chipped edges on delivery by this was resolved by customer care.
  • The edges get chipped frequently and you will need to sharpen from time to time to enjoy its efficiency.

Council Tool PR80MFGP01 Splitting Maul with Fiberglass Handle

While not as popular as the rest on the list of the best splitting maul, this tool is still very efficient in cracking open large chunks of firewood. It features an 8 lb American forged steel head and a 34-inch fiberglass handle.

It is very durable and doubles up as a sledgehammer (for driving in wedges) and a wood splitter. It is also one of the affordable designs in the market.

Other features include clear lacquer rust protection finish on the head and conventional epoxy (open metal eye) bonding.


  • Simple straightforward design with durable head and frame for heavy duty wood splitting; lasts many years.
  • Features a safe non-slip fiberglass grip for powerful strikes.
  • Very long and heavy; ideal for splitting large logs and can be used in combination with wedges.


  • The grind is very dull out of the box and needs a lot of work before you can start using your maul.
  • One of the heaviest splitting mauls ever with an 8 lb head and a total of 9.4 lbs to lift in every strike.
  • It lacks anti-shock properties to spare your hands and body from vibrations that arise from those powerful strikes.

Things to consider when buying a splitting maul

There is no single best splitting maul that is perfect for everybody. It all depends on your unique needs and situation. Mauls come in different designs and weights ranging from 5.5 to 8.5 pounds. The arm length also varies to accommodate people of different heights and arm strength.

However, certain models are considered ideal for most wood splitting tasks since they depict features that reflect durability, efficiency, and safety. You can distinguish such mauls from the rest by reviewing their features and comparing user reviews to learn from other people’s experiences using the tool.

When it comes to selecting a splitting maul, the most important aspect to review is material durability. The sledgehammer and blade should be made of durable quality steel or iron that can last a lifetime. The handle (arm) should also feature metal, fiberglass or strengthened wood that does not break apart easily.

Apart from durability, you can review features like handle design (does it provide an easy grip), weight, length and maintenance (arm coating for an easy wipe), ergonomics and comfort (anti-vibration, shock absorption…).

Splitting maul vs. splitting ax

Although most people confuse these two and use them interchangeably, it is worth noting the big difference (in design) between a splitting maul and ax. A splitting ax has a thin sharp and light cutting blade that is perfect for splitting small blocks of wood along the grain.

Splitting mauls, on the other hand, are heavier, have blunt ax-like wedges and a sledgehammer on the opposite side. They feature long arms to reduce the effort used in lifting and swinging especially since the sledgehammer-come-wedge head is usually quite heavy (6-8 pounds).

Splitting mauls are ideal for large blocks of wood as they provide more entry force and the long arm provides higher lift. Nevertheless, they need strong muscles if you are to work for many hours splitting logs.

It is important to use the right tool for the job particularly to save you the effort involved. Axes are inefficient for large chunks of wood as their slim blade will cut deep and stick inside the wood with each strike you make. Since they are lighter, the entry force will also be too low to split large logs and wood blocks.

Splitting mauls with their heavy heads and blunt blades exploit cracks and force the wood to split parallel to the grain. They are perfect for splitting large pieces of wood and only require a few swings to crack the wood open. It is also recommendable to use mauls when handling a large quantity of wood as its force only requires one good swing to split blocks.

Similarly, axes are perfect for small logs that need sharp blades to cut through.

So, what’s the best splitting maul?

This is one of the popular questions homeowners ask with regards to these tools. As aforementioned, the choice is often preferential since all users have their unique requirements. However, reliable models that meet user expectations and needs have hallmarking attributes that set them apart from the rest.

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Our Pick: Wilton Tools 50836

Most homeowners consider this the best splitting maul in the country if not in the world. Unlike many alternatives, it comes with a steel arm eliminating breakages and features a heavy 8 lb head.

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